Why Join?

Why Join the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America?

Make More Money

Guaranteed financial success. In a union there are no varying rates. Union wages and benefits amount to 25% more than non-union wages and benefits.


Build a Stronger Community

When you replace low-wage and temporary jobs with good union jobs, local economies are boosted, living standards are lifted which strengthens tax bases.


Rules Apply to Everyone

UBC provides a written set of rules that applies to everyone on every job.  This helps to eliminate favoritism and discrimination.


Respect and Partnership

Having a union means having a partnership with your employer and a say in decisions on the job. Your view and skills are respected.


The Best Training and Advancement Opportunities

UBC is the most important player in helping you acquire and upgrade your skills. Apprentices get paid while learning basic skills. Advanced training lets you upgrade and keep up with industry changes.


Reduced Safety Hazards

UBC members are provided with safety training as well as avenues to address problems and make worksites safer.  UBC members are more likely to have access to proper safety equipment.


Access to the Best Jobs in Town

UBC members are eligible to work on high-paying union construction jobs around the world.


Retirement Security

Fully portable multi-employer plans, controlled by union and employer representatives, means union construction workers accrue benefits on every job.


Extended Health and Welfare Benefits

UBC health and welfare benefits include dental, prescription drug plans, chiropractic and more that provides protection with low deductibles and co-pays. UBC health and welfare benefits also cover family members.


Security and Stability

UBC pay, benefits and working conditions are guaranteed—you carry them with you from job to job.


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