Training and education are essential components in every industry.  Training helps to ensure that employees are performing at their highest potential while education ensures that safety standards are being met at minimum. It is our core objective to make certain that our members return home safely to their family and friends at the end of each work day.

Providing members with the most current and up-to-date information including industry mandated certifications is something Local 93 takes very seriously.

In addition to safety-related courses, we offer a variety of skill development programs that help to increase and secure long-term employment.

Continuing education and on-going training are necessary pieces for advancement and personal growth.

Take your career seriously; we take your career seriously.

I joined the Carpenters’ Union-Local 93 in June 2012 as a first year apprentice. I have taken advantage of the countless courses offered at Local 93 Training Centre and am now a more diverse, educated, and well-rounded apprentice.  Not only am I able to work more efficiently and safely but I am more confident in my abilities. My skills and knowledge are so much stronger. It is with the help and support from the Carpenters’ Union Local 93 that I will someday soon reach my goal of becoming a licensed Journeyman in and industry and trade that I love. 

—Len Ma 


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